This is the story – however, it will end of how we decided to make a home on the Greek island of Corfu using shipping containers ……Most of the work will be done by our teenage son!

So in 2003 my Mum and Stepfather bought a piece of land in south Corfu, Greece with the intention of making 2 houses, one for them to come and go for visits and one for us to live in as we had come here for a weeks holiday in 1989 and obviously were not leaving anytime soon…..

Since then life happened and the houses were never made – my Mum was diagnosed with cancer and given 3 months, although she fought for another 12 years! And the land was left ……. Time moved on, we never made our fortune and so building a brick house was never to be an option for us again, then about 8 years ago we discovered shipping containers…..

There then followed the research – a LOT of research!!! Could this actually happen???…… In the meantime our son who had always loved making things decided he wanted to train as an engineer and welder… so a house made of metal suddenly seemed like not such a crazy idea if he could actually do a lot of the work. My Stepfather basically said yes “he can have the land” and so our son decided that he did not want to be like us and forever paying a mortgage or rent – he wanted to build a house from shipping containers that would be paid for and without debt and also using something that was basically to be “re-purposed”….

The other big plus is of course cost – with wages etc as they now are here and the cost of building materials we could never hope to make a house of the traditional bricks and mortar [or the nicer stone they have here!] short of winning the lottery …. so shipping containers are attractive in the financial side… We also have earthquakes here and they are also seismic proof!

So welcome to the Corfu container home! – if of course the Greek building commission understands what he wants to do and grants the license! So far there has been a lot of scratching heads and “you want to live in a metal box?’………………..whatever happens those that know us, know it will be done with a lot of laughter……..

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The mad Monro family [Corfu branch]