So ..Here we go ….

First off you need to know that I have never considered myself a super-smart person nor a total idiot – mind you I have done some pretty stupid things in my life but usually, that was the fault of the alcohol, not mine! And I am SOOO glad social media was not around then!

So basically I am trying to let you know that I am not great with technology – I have set this site up pretty much on my own and you will have to bear with me if photos etc do not work so well – I will no doubt have the Bluehost helpline number on speed dial by the time this is done..LOL

shipping container home

So as I mentioned before – I am new to this and after a very very long night where I suddenly realised I was just going round in circles trying to work out something on the site and it was WAY past midnight [ gone are the years when I am even remotely useful after 12pm!]

I gave up and crashed …….. today a day of very large frappes [Cold coffee here in Greece and the staple of my day!] again banging my head against the hard drive and trying to call people to talk me through it and trying to read what looked like a recipe in Chinese on various forums ……. I gave up and changed the whole theme of the site  ……….. so here we go again and let’s see how this works!

The Next Day again…….

Well, I didn’t kick the cat [we don’t own a cat just feed the neighbours occasionally lol!]or kill my husband so progress there at least …
So I am going to save us all some pain and have signed on for a UDEMY course which will hopefully solve all the problems, or could make a whole set of new ones who knows..

Update –

I am just about to finish the UDEMY course and now know more than I ever thought I would about blogging etc especially having learnt more about shipping containers than I EVER imagined !!! and have ended up also making 2 more sites along the way so please feel free to join us on our other blogs as well – one is a general lifestyle cooking blog – Too Peas and a Carrot and the other is our business site for the Holidays/House sales and rentals – The Corfu Accommodation Company.... More about how we came to be here in the first place and how mad we are is on our About page on Too Peas and a carrot…….


The mad Monro family making a home from shipping containers on the island of Corfu, Greece.....

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