So while we have been waiting…… for the lockdown to be lifted, for the permit to come through, for the weather to clear, for the inspector to come….. … we have been doing some little projects that we have always wanted to have a go at….

These are some of my favourites –

Yes, the Sewage system! Hubby has found this amazing system – which I really hope works as it is done using repurposed IBC containers and eventually water comes out of the other end – there will be a whole blog post about it when we finish it …. Sad to be excited about sewage LOL….

I am a HUGE fairy light and firepit fan and I absolutely LOVE THIS!!!!! …… We found an old washing machine [and have also been donated 2 more now!] – Jamie cut it open and removed the drum, cleaned it up a little, welded four legs to it and it was done….

This has been a great success! Our fridge/freezer had died… So Jamie and Andy took all the motor etc out of it… laid it on its back…drilled a couple of holes for drainage into the bottom, made a lovely wood frame and legs for it, added strings to the doors so they could be propped open – and voila! During the winter we store tools and bits in it..During the summer when we want to BBQ we buy some bags of ice and it keeps drinks/food cool for hours – and as the ice melts it drains out – unless we need it for a few hours then we add a bung to the drainage hole……

A local hotel was having a refit and was literally throwing away old wardrobes that were to be honest pretty battered… We just lay them on their backs and used them as raised beds for the veggies….

This is probably the guys favourite…. They took an old oil drum – cut it lengthways, added some legs and a “wood box” and a chimney, a thermometer and a raised grill inside and they had a smoker – they were to put it mildly THRILLED … Smoked meat!!! What’s not to love!! LOL

There will be edits to this page as time goes on – there will be a lot of repurposing for various items in the build and I cannot wait to see the lights they are going to make me from Whisky bottles!… and the teapot fountain…. And the old door photo gallery…. And and and LOL….

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