LET THERE BE LIGHT – a skylight that is !!!

skylight shipping container

Now to be honest apart from the whole planning the layout thing this has to be my most favourite part so far! As a family, we are all quite lucky in the way that when we talk about ideas the others get it [mostly!] and understand what we mean. As I have worked in the property market I can see that sometimes people are not so lucky and just cannot “see” the vision when you say to them “oh but you can do this and this and imagine it would be like this” etc – and you just get a blank stare, until you get on Pinterest and show them what you mean and then they are “oh yes I get what you mean now”….almost if they cannot see it they cannot imagine it…

skylight shipping container
Jamie dodging the sparks!

So the Skylights …….Now I would LOVE to say it was our idea but not so. We were actually watching a show on Netflix about houses and they went to see one that was also in Greece and had been built into the side of the land [it was a brick-build, not containers] and then covered [we want roof gardens so this was interesting to us] and to get light into the back of the rooms they had added skylights and I remember the designer had said: “daylight as a whole comes from above so the best way to get light is a skylight rather than windows”……..

This also appealed to the boys as Andy is 6ft 4 and Jamie is 6ft 6 and they liked the idea of the roof feeling higher in places..



skylight shipping container
The smiles say it all!

So they sat and designed a skylight – now we did look into buying them readymade but they are really not cheap – if we can we might buy them for the proper build but we were not going to spend that kind of money on something that was a “practice”. So Jamie made a metal frame, painted it with anti-rust and got some Perspex…Then they took it on the roof and cut the hole!!! This was a teeny weenie bit nerve-racking as if they got the hole wrong we had a leaky store room as we didn’t have any spare metal at the time….

So there was a lot of breath-holding [me] while the hole was cut and then the frame checked to fit – it did! And again we are back to the point if you are doing any welding to the outside do not paint inside until it is done! So Jamie then welded on the frame he had made – sealed the edges and then glued the Perspex over the hole and there was a skylight! We totally loved the effect of seeing the sky and having lots more light so the end plan now has about 6 of them in …..Considering how hot it gets here we may regret that but we will see!

So far we have ordered and received one from Ebay  but to be honest not impressed so we will see what happens when we actually fit it…..


The mad Monro family making a home from shipping containers on the island of Corfu, Greece.....

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