So “Arnie The Trial container” has landed and obviously we have our first mistake. We knew Arnie was not going to stay where he is for now but we should have made some kind of properly flat area for him or at least some cement squares as there is actually only 4 corners of about 20×20 cm touching the ground.

There is some jacking up etc and he now sits on 4 “makeshift” corners but is still slightly “off”…Still he won’t be part of the end house so not overly worried. So major point – make sure you have properly prepared the area where your container will sit! Yes it seems obvious after the fact ….

He was a cheap container so is battered a bit and the boys want to make him look nice so they get dolled up in their paper “paint-suits” and start sanding – most containers are sprayed well at the beginning of their lives so should have quite a good base, but the boys wanted to make sure about rust spots etc is what they told me – personally knowing them I think they just wanted to play with the spray guns!!!!  Watch the video, but you can see that in this instance experience tops youth and Andy is done much quicker!

ETA  [Edited to add] Another mistake made comes up later as well – when welding to the roof, as we had to to add the struts for the roof garden,  it makes the paint already done inside catch fire and smoke so if you need to do any welding outside it is best done before you paint inside.


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