STAIRCASE shipping container

Staircase, space-saving and a talking point!

STAIRWAY TO ????????

Sorry, soon as I write this the song comes into my head so I find myself humming along in my head…LOL

So for our actual container house design, we do not have a staircase apart from one outside for the roof terrace – so space not really an issue – as for health reasons our house design needed to be one floor.

But whenever anyone sees this staircase it is always a topic of conversation and everyone has to walk up and down at least a few times..

So while we are making the shipping container home we are living in our little cottage in the village and this is where the staircase came into being…When we first bought Vine cottage it was literally a shell of walls with a vine that had grown through and it had pushed off most of the roof.

We – as I have mentioned – are a big family – not in numbers but in size, so we had to be quite careful with space to get the most out of it and if possible still keep the view…

This is a video of partly how Andy made it – with some help from a very young Jamie, but videos were not so popular back in 2007 so I am afraid you will probably get more idea from the photos….

We decided as the view was from upstairs and the thickest walls were downstairs we would make the bedrooms and shower room downstairs and the open plan living area upstairs.

I like a dark room to sleep and it seemed daft to have the view from the bedroom and no view from the living area where you spend the time, so we designed an “upside-down” house as the locals call it [not normal to have the bedrooms downstairs!]…

So the next problem was where to put a staircase while keeping a feeling of as much space as possible…we finally decided on the wall in the corner so not going into the main living area…

Andy works with yachts and had seen something similar to the final design on a big yacht. He played around with shapes etc and angles, went to our local wood shop and explained what he wanted to do and together they worked out the final tweaks to make it work…

We could not go for a conventional stair tread at the angle we wanted as my feet would not work with that [I have had surgery and have a problem with my legs] but this design is perfect…

It takes a minute to get used to it, now I walk up and down it without thinking about it. We recently painted all the wooden floors white and also the staircase and “no it is not hard to keep clean!” – it is actually easier than the wood. Painting it white also helps it to blend with the wall and now the bedroom also feels bigger!

It doesn’t feel as steep as it actually is

If you wanted to add cupboards behind it you still can [unlike a spiral staircase] or just close in the back – we didn’t as I like it to let the natural light through and we didn’t need any more storage…

So if you have a tiny house or are building one this staircase design comes highly recommended!


The mad Monro family making a home from shipping containers on the island of Corfu, Greece.....

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