So if like us you are going to do a lot of the welding for your containers yourself you need to invest in decent equipment. There is going to be a LOT of welding in a house made of metal, plus it helps that your welder is kept happy – happy welder gets more work done, especially when he is a teenager and can still get distracted easily!!!….Obviously being made of metal the welding is one way to cut down the cost if you can do it yourself!

As the welder was going to be a major part of the build we bought a decent sized one from Hyundai – fantastic, except as we haven’t any mains electric yet the generator we had would not run it…. So we also had to invest in an even larger generator [We also chose a Hyundai generator as well to be able to run the welder].  We figured this was a good investment anyway as to provide power for the house in the future when the power cuts out [ quite common in Corfu]. Then the first thing we had to make was a trolley for the generator as it was too big to move!

Jamie managed to do this amazingly quickly and there was the generator now mobile …

Still both generator and welder are now working perfectly – big cheer all around [see the video] and on we go!

The first thing the guys wanted to do [as again no electric ] was to add light to the container and also have a practice at cutting, welding etc … so first thing after the generator trolley was a skylight … see the next post for this …

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